dependable and creative individual fueling the industry with my ambition and collaborative nature




My name is Brie (she/her), originally from Savage, Minnesota and currently a fourth year at Miami University graduating in May of 2025. I am studying Supply Chain and Operations management at Farmer School of Business with a co-major in Fashion Corporate Business and a marketing minor. My academic pursuits reflect my commitment to blending the worlds of fashion and business.

I am a resilient, intuitive, and organized individual that aims to strengthen my skills through extensive experiences with on-campus organizations to flourish into a vibrant leader. So far, I have held positions like Business Development Director for MUF&D where I was recently elected President and Director of Internal Promotion for Alpha Kappa Psi which have shaped me into who I am today and only reinforced my excitement about entering the fashion industry.

In my free time, I love hobbies some of which include golfing, snowboarding, crocheting, crafting, waterskiing, playing pickleball and am an avid traveler!



Abercrombie & fitch co.

May 2023, June-Aug 2023, January 2024

Key Holder

  • Led a dynamic team of 15+ employees, fostering a culture of high engagement and productivity
  • Orchestrated seamless daily operations of a high-volume store during peak weeks and consistently exceeded sales targets against SPAH and LY goals

Brand Representative

  • Delivered genuine customer service by intuitively anticipating and addressing customer needs, both on sales floor and at register
  • Established positive connections with customers, curating a memorable shopping experience

Sophomore Summit

  • Formulated and presented a compelling business proposal, introducing an innovative "product drop" for one of Abercrombie & Fitch Co. brands
  • Collaborated in a cross-functional team to complete and present a comprehensive case study

Kilometre Paris

June-July 2022

Administrative and Marketing Intern

  • Managed administrative tasks and served as right hand to the CEO
  • Designed two months of engaging Instagram content in line with brand mission and style
  • Accompanied in 4 buyer meetings showcasing new summer collection during fashion week
  • Conceptualized and executed 2 budget-conscious, theme-driven promotional events


Aug 2022-May 2023, January 2024- Present

Farmer School of Business Careers Intern

  • Deliver personalized career guidance, conduct impactful resume & cover letter reviews
  • Optimize resources to enhance students' overall career readiness

Resident Assistant

  • Cultivated strong connections among 19 corridor residents, prioritizing safety and well-being of all 137 students within residence hall
  • Executed all-hall events with a team of 5 RA's, adeptly handling crisis situations
  • Fostered a sense of community and heightened campus engagement by spearheading regular programming events and coordinating corridor activities


Miami university fashion & design (MUF&D)

Sep 2021- Present

Business Development Director

  • Establish connections with industry professionals and potential speakers, arrange site visits, and secure sponsors for 17th & 18th Annual Fashion Shows
  • Serve on 14-member exec board to host one of the nation's largest student-run fashion shows
  • Craft monthly newsletter content, oversee assistant tasks, curate organization's LinkedIn account, and lead monthly committee meetings
  • Organize 2 career events including a virtual recruitment fair and industry panel

Business Development Assistant

  • Build connections and maintain presence with alumni and sponsors
  • Compile list of potential sponsors for the spring fashion show and collect donations for VIP bags

Alpha Kappa Psi - Gamma Chi

Sep 2021- Present

Director of Internal Promotion & Active Brother

  • Accepted into Co-Ed Business Fraternity as 1 of 29 fall class from a 150+ applicant pool
  • Enhanced donor engagement on college campuses for The Dragonfly Foundation case competition
  • Surveyed 100+ members to guide internal marketing and ensure satisfaction within chapter
  • Designed 8 merchandise items aligned with values; managed negotiations with manufacturing team


Footwear Design & Construction

Florence University of the Arts 2023


Florence University of the Arts 2023

Design Ideation Process

Final Porfolio

  • Analyzed the latest styles, leathers, and components in terms of functionality and design.
  • Developed pattern-making skills by designing and making prototypes from start to finish of ballerina flats and mule
  • Focused on ceramic sculpture projects with emphasis on clay hand-building techniques
  • Explored the nature of clay and glazes, history of Mediterranean ceramics, and local Tuscan artisan traditions

Fashion merchandising

Florence University of the Arts 2023

Fashion forecasting for merchandisers

Florence University of the Arts 2023

Brand Merch Plan

Final Trend Analysis

FP Collection Range Plan

  • Surveyed merchandising environment including the functions/objectives of merchandising team
  • Analyzed apparel management practices of the industry with a focus on planning and developing product lines for identified target markets.

Contemporary Fashion History

  • Applied forecast research methods in preparation for developing and merchandising collections
  • Used case studies, market and trend research to evaluate and identify opportunities for growth and profitability in a fashion business

Element & Principles of design

Miami University 2022

Final Project

  • Practiced drawing using elements of design and the principles of design in a cohesive collection pulling inspiration from pieces of art

Miami University 2022

Final Project

  • Practiced drawing using elements of design and the principles of design in a cohesive collection pulling inspiration from pieces of art

Creativity, INNOVATION and Entrepreneurial Thinking

Miami University 2021

Creative Mindsets

Elements and Principles of Fashion Design

Miami University 2022

Final Portfolio

  • Recognized creative thinking within business environments
  • Investigated tools, concepts and approaches including human-centered design, ideation techniques, the importance of embracing ambiguity, personal responsibility and the place of risk and fail in entrepreneurship, creativity and life
  • Combined learning to display small collections focused on specific aspects of the Elements of Design and color theory



  • URBN Free People customer trend forecasting patterning board
  • Pitch deck for Baboon to the Moon for a potential content creator collaboration
  • Personal Instagram post collage carousels
  • Here are some highlights of a couple favorites which include much from my time studying abroad in Italy from Fall 2023